Industrial - OEM, MRO, System Integrator

It is true that there may be multiple solutions to any one problem, but at Revere we are cognizant of what our Industrial customers need: time savings, less resources, and lower overall job costs. Our dedicated team of technical engineers and solution managers are well versed in the latest technological advances in machine design and maintenance. Their technical skill sets include practical electrical and mechanical configurations, which are utilized to optimize your return on investment.We are also supported by the most renowned manufacturers in the industry.

Our Industrial team can help you:

  • Evaluate alternative products for an efficient solution
  • Create custom assemblies to reduce inventory
  • Rockwell dedicated commercial resource with industry knowledge
  • Develop extended warranty agreements
  • Create kitting solutions to minimize order picking
  • Develop global technical support programs
  • Reduce inventory by utilizing our storeroom programs
  • Improve machine performance through analysis study
  • Provide machine start up assistance
  • Evaluate networking alternatives to improve performance
  • Customized training


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